Credit information – Get it now!

In practice, you can immediately retrieve the Credit Bureau information and pick up the message directly. To get instant information, you must be able to prove your identity at the bank. Credit Bureau does not offer regional service centers, for example in Berlin, Munich, Hamburg, Cologne, Stuttgart or Frankfurt am Main. But how can one quickly get a Credit Bureau information or MietCredit Bureau to prove the landlord, the lender, the lender immediately his creditworthiness? You will receive your credit report directly from Credit Bureau.

Credit Bureau information immediately – what is it and how does it work?

The Credit Bureau stores credit-related information on German citizens. Everyone has the right to access the deposited files and can retrieve them free of charge once a year in accordance with the 34 Federal Data Protection Act (BDSG). If the associated processing time is too long, it is also possible to get the information immediately. Detailed instructions and much more information on all steps are to be read in the further course of this brochure.

What is the Credit Bureau self-report? In the self-report of Credit Bureau you will find information on your payment behavior. You will also find out where this information came from and to whom it was shared. In the Credit Bureau there are many partners, from whom you can immediately get a Credit Bureau information. This may be necessary if you want to close a contract immediately and avoid waiting times for the regular application.

Immediate information is given at the corresponding service times at the cost price of 29.95 EUR. Immediate and fee-based information is available from selected postal and co-operative banks. A detailed overview of the branches can be found on the Credit Bureau website under the following link: For immediate information, you must show your bank details.

On 01.04.2010, the amendment to the Data Protection Act (BDSG) came into force, according to which German citizens have the right to obtain a free self-disclosure in accordance with 34 BBDSG once a year. The usage of the free Credit Bureau information after 34 Bit / s can easily take place on the start page of the Credit Bureau. Select “Data overview according to §34 Federal Data Protection Act”.

Free advertisement “Data overview according to §34 BDSG” click. Depending on which information you choose, you will be faced with certain advantages and disadvantages: Which ones are saved by the Credit Bureau and which are not? In addition to personal information, Credit Bureau stores credit-related information that provides information about your payment behavior and your obligations.

Where does the Credit Bureau get this information from?

Credit Bureau is regularly supplied with information about your payment behavior by a network of around 9,000 contract partners. In addition, the Credit Bureau is also informed by the local courts and debtor registers. From the collected values, a Credit Bureau score is calculated. What can I do if the Credit Bureau information contains outdated or incorrect information?

Erroneous or outdated Credit Bureau data should be removed immediately. You can do this with an informal letter to the Credit Bureau. As long as your application is processed, the credit bureau is not authorized to forward your details. How can I have my personal information removed? Create an informal letter describing the situation.

Attach a copy of the documents or supporting documents to the letter to prove that deletion of the files is possible. Send the letter in a sufficiently franked envelope: At this point, let’s briefly explain how to proceed to get immediate Credit Bureau information.

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