Loan application without bank proof

To apply for a loan, you will not need to prepare a large amount of information and supporting documents, because we reduce everything to the minimum necessary. So all you need to do is fill out the questionnaire on the site. Your file will be quickly taken care of by our team of professionals who will study your financial situation. Thanks to this, it will be possible to determine what monthly payment your budget will be able to support, by adjusting it in particular over the duration so that it does not weigh too heavy each month. When your file has been studied, a loan proposal will be made to you, which you will be able to accept if it suits you, or refuse if it does not meet your expectations.

Agree Bank offers the lowest interest rates that can be found currently on the consumer loan market.

This gives you the guarantee that your credit will not cost you twice the amount you borrowed, and that you will not spend years paying it off.

Whatever your situation, you can therefore trust us and submit your credit request to us.

Refund on a credit of 2500 USD.

  • 2500 USD over 6 months = 2630 USD
  • 2500 USD over 12 months = 2820 USD
  • 2500 USD over 24 months = 3100 USD

How to Get Your Loan in 3 Easy Steps
Complete the loan application online.

1. Take the time to fill in all the information requested so that our team can analyze your request as quickly as possible.
2. Sign the loan contract between individuals.
When we have approved your request, we will send you a contract which you must sign and return to us as soon as possible.
3. Get your money
Upon receipt of the duly signed contract, we will immediately transfer the money to your bank account.

Our credit approval criteria

When applying for a loan from a bank or credit institution, the first thing their services do is check the files held by the MyCredit Lender. This institution holds the files of people who have had payment incidents in the past, such as a default in the reimbursement of a credit or an unpaid check, and this information is listed in two files: the FICP and the FCC . When applying for a loan, the banks systematically reject the people who are present in these files, because they believe that their past default suggests a fragility which will automatically lead them to new delinquencies. By using our services, this criterion is not taken into account, because we do not consult the MyCredit Lender files to grant our loans between individuals. Therefore, if you are on file at the MyCredit Lender, you can submit your credit request of 2500 USD to us, it will not be refused on this criterion.

Banks are also very cautious when it comes to lending to people in certain situations, such as unemployment, long illness or a disability. The same goes for those who work, but who are on fixed-term, temporary or even part-time contracts, and whose situation, and therefore their income, is considered too unstable to obtain credit. Retirees are also very poorly rated, especially due to their age.

Thanks to the credit services between individuals that we offer, if you find yourself in one of these situations, your loan can completely be submitted to us, because these are not for us approval criteria. We rely only on your finances, because it is they that really determine whether or not you can repay a loan, whether short or long term.

Our approval criteria being very flexible, we are able to satisfy absolutely everyone. So, if the banks refuse to grant you your loan of 2,500 USD or their offers do not suit you, don’t hesitate any longer, contact us!

What can you finance a private loan request?

A private personal loan between individuals can be used in any way. When we give you credit, we don’t ask you what it will do for you, this is up to you. So you can use this loan between individuals to buy a new car, finance work in your home, because it needs better insulation or an efficient heating system, or a decoration to the taste of the day . Your loan can also finance the higher education of one of your children, or settle debts or invoices that you cannot assume with your monthly budget alone. This loan can even be used to restructure old loans whose monthly payments are too heavy to assume: this allows to group everything in one loan,

The current economic situation obliges us almost all to take out a loan one day or another, to carry out an essential project or one which is close to our heart, which makes us happy. It is therefore natural to turn to your own bank or even to one of these consumer credit organizations which advertise their increasingly attractive offers through their advertisements.

When you need a loan of 2500 USD, that you have income that allows you to repay each month, you do not ask yourself a question: the amount is not huge even if it is not Nor is it negligible, and we cannot imagine for a minute that our loan could be refused. However, even for sums such as 2,500 USD, banks and credit organizations are very cautious, and we often discover during a credit request that a very thorough investigation is carried out before granting us a loan . And it is at the bend of this investigation that we see that it is necessary to correspond to many criteria to obtain the approval of a bank. Indeed, when we have a correct situation and income, and our loan is refused without further explanation,

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