Small Loan: Request Procedure and Rates

Small Best Bank 2015 loan: what it is

Thanks to personal loans, the beneficiaries enjoy a non-finalized credit line, which means that liquidity can be spent without a specific restriction, for any purchase. It is a loan that is part of the so-called consumer credit formulas. A sector of the loan market populated by many offers, among which is the small Best Bank loan. What are its characteristics? How to get it and above what conditions is it granted? Let’s find out together. Further editorial at

Small Best Bank loan: how to apply for it

The amounts vary from a minimum of 180 to a maximum of 60 thousand USD, while the repayment plan varies from 6 to 120 months. The small Best Bank loan is essentially an online personal loan, which can be digitally signed.

The user must fill in a special form through an online procedure and register his/her data here. It is also necessary to send documents useful for evaluating the repayment capacity of the potential beneficiary.

The disbursement takes place by bank transfer to the current account, the same method used in the refund. To request funding, a bank change is not required. In addition to having a checking account, the client must have a demonstrable income, Italian residence and age between 18 and 75 years.

The Best Bank personal online loan can be spent on any project, from buying a car to spending on holidays. If we consider a duration of 96 months, we will have an installment of 230.70 USD ( Tan fixed 8.55%, Taeg 8.89% ). A repayment plan in 24 monthly installments, on the other hand, implies an installment of $ 727.70.

In addition to personal loans, the Best Bank offer consists of credit cards, assignment of the fifth, home loans, current account, deposit account, home loan and insurance.

The alternative, the transfer of the fifth

An alternative to the small loan is the transfer of the fifth, financing based on the direct deduction from the monthly installment of salary or pension, which cannot exceed one fifth of the monthly allowance.

To request it, simply present the pension slip or paycheck, identity document and tax code to the provider. In this case too, Best Bank does not charge fees for opening files and bank fees. Stamp duty and periodic communications are also absent.

If you are interested in the transfer of the fifth, we refer you to the specialized portal

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